New Clear Footage Of Stitches Getting K.O. + Wack 100 Gets Tazed

Check out this new clear footage of internet troll Stitches getting knocked out by Wack 100. There is also video footage of Wack 100 getting tazed.

Stitches responds

Stitches Drops New Diss Track Don’t Fear Death Freestyle (The Game Diss)

Stitches Threatens To Kill The Game On His “Don’t Fear Death Freestyle (The Game Diss)”

  • Blacc

    Nigga please stfu.ur career is dead now.aye Wal-Mart hiring like hell in North Miami

  • Sassiass

    The funniest shit is seeing that short lil nigga who punched Stitches get tazed. His feet all stiff and shit. The Game’s acting all tough on IG now and talking mad shit when the short manager dude is the one who pissed his pants! Negros, always act a fool.

  • blowinkash

    this fool is still talking after being knocked out in one punch? LMAO

    • Anonymous

      Lil nigger dropped pretty quick once that tazzer hit him.

  • ALMighty

    I dont like Stitches nor the Game but honestly everyones talking shit about how he got hit. But if u really think about ot Stitches stepped up to him by himself without his boys. I think on Stitches behalf i think the kid has heart. Neither one of them ares gangstas at all what so ever its all a gimmick. An Game is older then Stitches he should of jus brushed it off his shoulders to even stoop on Stitches level wit all that beef shit. Game should have been more mature about the whole situation an jus not responded at all wit all of the drama an shit Stitchez was talking from the beginning. I think Stitches is a solider not a gangsta to have that much balls enough to step up to the Game. Alot rappers now a days talk that they are gangsta an lived that life when half of them came from upper class families wit money an got in the rap game by buying there way in or sucking some serious dick to get in. More then half of Rappers these days are bisexual or closet causes or cross dressers wearing womens dresses an purses talking about how they so gangsta. How can u be a real true gangsta like u say if ur wearing a womens dress or carrinying a purse. The rap game is full of Homosexuals an cross dressers its unbelievable that people really take these people serious. I give Stitches credit for stepping up by himself like a man. That shows one u dont give a fuck an two u have heart to get ur ass whooped or whooping someones ass. An another thing Game talks about being a blood an shit when he was in a mall an got approached by a real blood an got his ass whooped wit a three piece right in front of his son. An if u look it up online real bloods an crips from LA have both said that The Game is a fake


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