A Philadelphia Judge Ruled Meek Mill Violated Probation & Could Be Sentenced to State Prison on Feb 5th, 2016.

Meek Mill is facing the judge today — with Nicki Minaj by his side — in the probation violation hearing — and so far, it’s not sounding great for him.


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Meek’s attorneys are calling character witnesses to the stand … some calling him a “role model,” others saying he’s humble and that he and Nicki make a great couple. Another witness said Nicki is in a great position to help Meek and the city of Philadelphia.

You’ll recall, at last week’s hearing … Nicki told the judge she could keep Meek on the straight and narrow.

However, the judge has not seemed swayed. After one witness sang Meek’s praises … the judge said, “This court has done nothing but try to help the defendant.”

He’s on probation for a 2009 drug and gun conviction — and allegedly violated it by not reporting travel to his probation officer, and cheating a drug test.

Testimony continues. Stay tuned …


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