J Cole Dissed Meek Mill, Drake & Future On His Black Friday “Alright” Remix

J Cole’s remix to Kendrick Lamar’s Alright song is easily one of the most lyrical tracks of 2015, but what many failed to realize is that J Cole took several shots at Meek Mill ,Drake & Future. J Cole addressed Meek Mill’s statements on Angie Martinez’s show where he said that “J Cole & Kendrick Lamar didn’t inspire them”. Two of the most obvious shots aimed at Meek Mill are “Don’t need a rollie on to know I’m getting older nigga” and “But I ain’t coming to talk about all that paper, That’s what they talk about when they ain’t got shit to say, Can’t understand why niggas never got shit to do, You know the saying, same shit nigga, different day”. J Cole basically is saying that Meek Mill is a sub-par rapper who has no lyrical content which most people would agree is an accurate statement. J Cole took shots at Drizzy Drake on the song on the very first verse of the song where he was quoted saying “If I quote it nigga, I wrote it nigga, Six head shots, I’ll erode a nigga”. J Cole also took shots at Future where he was heard saying “No Promethazine I’m a king, no leaning, I got a better way to fight these demons” which is a direct response to Future’s “I pour the Actavis and pop pills so I can fight the demons” lyrics from Digital Dash. Listen to the song below.


Meek Mill Disses J Cole & Kendrick

  • Southside atl

    j cole snapped

  • painmeds

    cole came with that ether.

  • no snakes in my grass cuz i mowed it nigga

  • d1rdy

    dissed? more like slaughtered!

  • NIKE

    Boy nigga dissed tf out of drake ????????????


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