Family Feud : The Instrumental that Rappers are using for therapy

Every year there is a new hot song that gets played on every station, every blog, and every playlist. Last year it was Cardi B’s “Brodack Yellow”. And who could forget Play Boi Carti’s “Magnolia” that had everyone from basement rapper to top 5 rappers in the game make a remix to. You may be asking yourself where’s the originality? The answer is simple. When it’s a hit, it’s a hit. And just like the songs mentioned earlier “Family Feud” is that undeniable hit that since Jay-Z blessed us with a verse has become the beat that artist have been using to air out their family grievances.

The initial “Family Feud” is from Jay-Z’s album 4:44, which was seen as Jay-Z at his most vulnerable and most personal. He talked more clearly about his life and relationships, topics he previously would’ve have masked with metaphors and wordplay to add an extra layer of separation in order to distance his personal life from his musical career. This is quite the opposite as he talks about bringing together the generational divide that has been in media between old school rappers and new school “mumble rappers”. “And old niggas, y’all stop actin’ brand new, Like 2Pac ain’t have a nose ring too, huh”.  And even in the 2nd verse, he uses this opportunity to also air out the laundry about his infidelities and the consequences of that. We quickly learn that throughout the fighting and arguments the truth is… Nobody wins when the family feuds

Like I said before Family Feud is the beat that rappers are using to air out family grievances, and just like Jay, Lil Wayne uses this beat to discuss his long time feud with Cash Money CEO Birdman. Everyone has heard of the $150 million dollar lawsuit between Lil Wayne and Birdman for unpaid royalties from both Drake and Nikki. And ohh yea, his music too. So its no wonder why he would address this issue in the best way he knows how. Bars“Branches startin’ to shake, Here comes the leaves, get the rake, I want my piece of the cake, It should be sweeter than cake”

But if we back the track up even more than we realize that Drake at the center of this whole controversy sides with Lil Wayne and gives some input of his own on the 1st verse. “Ayy, tell me if TD Bank is approvin’ loans, I’m thinkin’ of payin’ Wayne what Universal owes, My nigga spent a lifetime goin’ platinum and gold, He should own half of the label, shit outta control”.

But these 3 aren’t the only rappers with issues. Dave East is another rapper who used the “Family Feud” beat help to get some things off his chest. Although be it his lines in the song are not as direct as Lil Wayne’s, it’st still clear that his verse is being directed to someone close.

When the family feud, it’s hard to chill at dinners,
We can’t even eat together, she fronting like Ben Stiller,
I lied I ain’t putting hands on no female,
Unless I’m up inside her, I pay attention to detail,

Hip-hop has always been a platform for artists to express themselves, and at times that meant that beefs and family grievances got aired out on tracks. But it’s clear no matter if it’s Jay, Lil Wayne, or Dave East. NOBODY WINS WHEN THE FAMILY FEUDS.

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