Last night the internet went crazy after new videos surfaced online which showed Cardi B twerking in these new leaked new videos! You can download both videos for free below using any of the social media buttons/icons.

Offset cheats on Cardi B & gets DJ Akademiks sidechick Celina Powell Pregnant

Video: Cardi B & Offset Sextape leak



    • This isn’t cute you got little girls dressing up as her for Halloween and actually looking up to her I fucks with cardi B but something’s aren’t okay she’s making way for strippers and that’s what’s up not knocking no ones hustle but as a parent it’s not cute nor okay

    • everything fake rofl. her teeth, her hair, her eyebrows, lashes, booty, tits, everything. fucking on plastic. oouuu.

  1. All that surgery but she still has an ugly ass body smh she needs to get Kim & Kylie’s surgeons ASAP. Ha ugly ass🚮af! & she posted these shits. Ant nobody hack that slut. Bitxh was a stripper but can’t dance. Ugly ass soggy titty😭

  2. CardiB ass look lumpy and purple😆😆😂😂😂 she can’t even move her a**🤣😂 that FAKE ass may turn into gangrene🤢🤮 it looks weird.


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